I started Golden State Photographic in 2013 to take control of my commercial image making's direction. We’re out of Oakland, California and we go where opportunity calls us. We specialize in still image production and our portfolios are composed of a mixture of the company's commissioned works and my personal work. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from the Department of Design under the College of Arts and Letters at California State University, Sacramento. Under this specific College of study, I became extremely well versed in the expression and interpretation of the art of visual communication. This allows me to better understand our client's vision and to exceed their expectations while crafting images that will embody and embolden their brand and identity. Blending this with my innate artistic vision allows me to work with reverence for the subject. My fervor for life, and the living of it, is the underlying force by which our image production is driven. Golden State Photographic puts my passion to work in order to create images that exemplify your vision.

We are about human experience.  

George E. Baker Jr.